How long can my kids stay on my health insurance policy?

Your children are typically able to stay on parents’ private health insurance policy until they turn 21 years old. However, there are some exceptions to this rule where coverage can be up to 31 years old.

If a child is still considered a student dependent, they can remain on their parents’ policy beyond the age of 21. A student dependent is defined as a child who is not financially independent, is not married, and is not in a de facto relationship. This means that if a child is studying full-time and is not financially independent, they can continue to be covered by their parents’ private health insurance policy.

In April 2021, the government increased the age cap for adult children appearing on their parents’ policy up to 31 years of age. This means if the children are not studying full time, not in a de facto relationship for an additional charge some health funds will continue to cover children up until their 31st birthdays.

It’s important to note that each private health insurance company has their own policies and rules regarding dependent children. Some may have different age limits or may have different definitions of what constitutes a dependent child. It’s important to check with your private health insurance provider to understand their policies and to ensure that your children are properly covered.

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